50th Anniversary Race Location

Location of the 50th Anniversary OMM

The Original Mountain Marathon is turning 50! The legendary race has seen over 150,000 competitors over the start line since 1968 and for those of you who make the yearly pilgrimage, and enjoy wading through bogs & heather in search of illusive checkpoints, this year is going to be un-missable.

This October the OMM celebrates it’s 50th anniversary, an impressive milestone for any event and the appeal continues to stay strong! This community of people passionate are about being in the mountains and it’s fantastic to see the race continuing to be passed down through generations. Looking down the entries there’s an increased number of mixed family teams running together for the 50th and this years’ race is full at 2000 competitors with a waiting list of three hundred.

At the top of the field the Elite Class is looking particularly strong. With a course of around 120km + 4500m ascent the winners will be looking to complete it in a blistering 10 hours over the 2 days. Returning champions Shane Ohly & Duncan Archer are keen to claim the 50th Race title but with friendly rivals Jim Mann & Nick Barber looking to stop them, and other Elite entries from as far a field as Australia & Japan, it will be a closely fought race.

The 50th Anniversary is about celebrating the competitors & volunteers from over the years, all of whom have made the race the success that it is today. We wanted to hold the event in a special location that would have meaning for everyone. There have been so many iconic OMM race locations over the years; the first in Muker back in 1968, the ‘Howling Howgills’ or the infamous 2008 event in Borrowdale. It was really tough to decide where it should be.

After much discussion we chose the Lake District. Firstly, because the race hadn’t been there for 10 years, secondly because it provides us with excellent courses to navigate and thirdly because Gerry Charnley, who started the race, has a memorial below Esk Pike which felt very appropriate. This year we’re pleased to be holding the event at the head of the Langdale Valley in the Lake District with the course stretching 400km2 into the central Lakes.

We’d like to thank the Lake District National Park, National Trust & all the land owners involved for their overwhelming support of the event. We’re pleased to always be welcomed by the National Parks. This is partly due to the extensive work our ecologist does to ensure the OMM is the gold standard in operating ecologically responsible events in our wild spaces. The OMM is a not-for-profit event and prides itself on being the example of how events should be run in the outdoors. Each OMM event brings in around £200,000 for the local economy, this approach has added to the longevity and popularity of the race.

There’s only 12 weeks to go. We look forward to seeing you at the event centre for this very special year. As is tradition the entry list will be published nearer the race weekend but in the meantime we’ll be sending you fortnightly updates on information about the weekend.

If you have questions about your entry please email emma@theomm.com who will be happy to help.

See you in October


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