British Mountain Marathon Calendar 2018

British Mountain Marathon Calendar 2018

What a year for Mountain Marathons! With competitor numbers increasing things the MM community is growing every year. The highlights for 2018 must be the 40th Anniversary of the Saunders and the epic Hebrides location for the LAMM.  4-6th May will also see the first festival aimed at introducing friends, family and new competitors to the world of Mountain Marathons, spread the word! Get yourself entered in these fantastic weekends and we’ll see you in October to hear about your Mountain Marathon year.

Event: Dark Mountains
Date: 27 – 28th January 2018
Location: Forest of Bowland

Overview:Marmot Dark Mountains™ takes the classic two-day mountain marathon format and gives it a dark twist. Rather than two days of running with an overnight camp in between, we pack everything into one winter’s night!

Event: Great Lakeland 3 Day
Date: 5-7th May 2018
Location: Lake District

Overview:The SILVA GL3D™ is an adventurous three-day mountain marathon with a unique, relaxed and friendly atmosphere that attracts both runners and long-distance walkers. Over the years the event has built up a dedicated following of participants who enjoy the challenge of three long, consecutive days in the hills. We start and finish in the same location and so that participants can get maximum enjoyment, we transport their overnight equipment between each camp.

Event: Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon
Date: 1st – 2nd June 2018
Location: Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

Overview: We will be visiting a magnificent area, crossing a huge expanse of fabulous Scottish Mountains and wild country. Please join us on a journey through some of Scotland’s finest mountain country. The emphasis is always on providing challenging courses requiring navigation skills and great routes that cross the classic wild, high mountain country. Please join us at another magnificent venue and with an overnight camp at a wild mountain location

Event: 40th SLMM Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon
Date: 30th June – 1st July 2018
Location: Lake District, Exact location TBC.

Overview: The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (SLMM) is a two-day mountain navigation competition (or race) that is held annually in the Lake District for pairs and experienced solo entrants. The event comprises 8 courses of which 6 are solely for pairs of runners, one is exclusively for solo competitors and one course is open for both pairs and solo entrants.

Event: Mourne Mountain Marathon
Date: 15th – 16th September 2018
Location: Newcastle, Northern Ireland
More information:

Overview:The Mourne Mountain Marathon is Ireland’s only two day endurance and navigation event held each year in the beautiful mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland.  It is run entirely on a voluntary and non-profit basis by a team with many years experience of organising and competing in this type of event.

Event: ROC Mountain Marathon
Date: 29th – 30th September 2018
Location: To be announced.

Overview:The event has proved a popular choice with mountain marathon competitors with its combination of both linear and score courses that provide participants with huge choice and minimise the chance of ‘snakes’ of runners all heading to the same control.

Event: 51st OMM Original Mountain Marathon
Date: 27 – 28 October 2018
Location: South West. Exact location released in September

Overview: The daddy of Mountain Marathons and the one that started it all. The UK’s biggest mountain race has shaped the UK outdoor community for 50 years. Since 1968 the UK’s greatest running legends, product creators & influential people have stood on the start line. The 51st OMM will be held in the South West of the UK, as is tradition the exact location will be released in September.

OMM50: Optimal Lines

Merry Christmas!!

We hope you’re having a great Christmas. Once you’ve reached the stage where you’ve eaten too much Christmas dinner here for your scrutiny over a mince pie is the Line Course planners optimal routes from this years OMM Line courses. Do you agree with him?

Merry Christmas and see you in 2018!




You can see the routes that others took here:

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OMM50: Event Reports.

Event Reports.

Thank you to everyone for making the 50th Anniversary a special year. Below you’ll find the reports from the planners outlining the considerations, challenges & successes that come with putting on the OMM event. The planning phase for each OMM event is 24 months.

Many thanks again for your support, see you next year.

OMM50: Sunday Report.

Sunday 29th October.


A fantastic day to be in the mountains. Clear skies and stunning views across the Lake District. A nice end to the challenging conditions of yesterday.

Mountain Marathoners are a hardy bunch.

All the routes and listed below. The competitors enjoyed a warm welcome back to the event centre and met by a hot meal and cup of tea. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend we’d like to thanks all the competitors for making the 50th event so special. It’s very humbling to have such a friendly community of mountains enthusiasts.

It was great seeing those who came out of OMM retirement for the 50th running along side so many new competitors.

Well done to all the winners and everyone who took part. We’ll have all the images and highlight video up for you shortly.

Prize Table


Elite Names Time/Score
1st Overall Shane Ohly & Duncan Archer 14:19:36
2nd Overall Steve Birkinshaw & Andrew Berry 14:42:08
3rd Overall Tom Gibbs & Paul Tierney 15:06:49
1st Ladies No finishers
2nd Ladies No finishers
1st Mixed Kim Baxter & Dave Sykes 18:33:52
2nd Mixed No finishers
1st Vets Charlie Sproson & Tim Laney 16:24:13
1st Vet Ladies No finishers
1st Vet Mixed No finishers
1st Fam Gen No finishers
A Course Names Time/Score
1st Overall Quentin Harding & Zoe Harding 11:55:33
2nd Overall Iain Embrey & John Ockenden 13:09:02
3rd Overall Henrik Leth  Jurrgensen & Laura Lambek Knudsen 13:42:57
1st Ladies No finishers
2nd Ladies
1st Mixed Quentin Harding & Zoe Harding 11:55:33
2nd Mixed Henrik Leth  Jurrgensen & Laura Lambek Knudsen 13:42:57
1st Vets James Jackson & Adam Forest 15:35:38
1st Vet Ladies No finishers
1st Vet Mixed No finishers
1st Fam Gen Quentin Harding & Zoe Harding 11:55:33
B Course Names Time/Score
1st Overall Magnus Andersson & Daniel Ljungdahl 10:55:33
2nd Overall Robert Ashton & Emmit Andrews 11:04:48
3rd Overall Austin Caulfield & Keith McDougall 11:31:04
1st Ladies Helena Robinson & Elisabeth Mittell 18:20:40
2nd Ladies Cara Armstrong & Lucy Bradbury 19:48:03
1st Mixed Ben Lewis & Katie McKay 11:44:57
2nd Mixed Ian Holmes & Emma  Battensby 13:22:44
1st Vets Geoff Pettengell & Julie Gardner 10:56:30
1st Vet Ladies No finishers
1st Vet Mixed Geoff Pettengell & Julie Gardner 10:56:30
1st Fam Gen Charlie Elliot & Ryan Elliot 13:25:21
Combined Course Names Time/Score
1st Overall Tom Elliott & Chris Barton 13:16:57
2nd Overall Paul Trott & Richard Tyson 14:12:05
3rd Overall Tom Raftery & Becky Raftery 14:35:35
1st Ladies No finishers
2nd Ladies No finishers
1st Mixed Tom Raftery & Becky Raftery 14:35:35
2nd Mixed Carolyn Evans & Jim Evans 16:39:10
1st Vets Paul Trott & Richard Tyson 14:12:05
1st Vet Ladies No finishers
1st Vet Mixed Carolyn Evans & Jim Evans 16:39:10
1st Fam Gen No finishers
Long Score Names Time/Score
1st Overall Nick Barrable & Darrel High 1030
2nd Overall Calvin Routledge & Max Cole 900
3rd Overall Tim Patterson & Rob Patterson 898
1st Ladies Claire Gordon & Sarah O’Neil 660
2nd Ladies Heather Dawe & Andrea Priestley 580
1st Mixed Lee Langdon & Mary Gillie 760
2nd Mixed James Lowe & Abigail Smith 686
1st Vets Pjil Scarf & Bill Johnson 1078
1st Vet Ladies Mandy Goth & Sue Roberts 705
1st Vet Mixed Ellie Salisbury & Adrian Moir 771
1st Fam Gen Glen Davies & Huw Davies 854
1st Military Calvin Routledge & Max Cole 900
Med Score Names Time/Score
1st Overall Jonathon Davies & Nicola Mason 766
2nd Overall Keith Masson & Will Heap 690
3rd Overall Alastair Graves & Catriona Graves 664
1st Ladies Jackie Scarf & Debbie Ryde 456
2nd Ladies Sarah Jones & Robin Carter 410
1st Mixed Jonathan Davies & Nicola Mason 766
2nd Mixed Alastair Graves & Catriona Graves 664
1st Vets John Tullie & Kenny Short 856
1st Vet Ladies Jackie Scarf & Debbie Ryde 566
1st Vet Mixed Richard Sullivan & Lucy Wiegland 556
1st Fam Gen Charlie Lloyd & Sam Lloyd 548
Short Score Names Time/Score
1st Overall Simon Kinston & Andy Fry 502
2nd Overall Catherine Wilson & Steve Wilson 490
3rd Overall Alexander Freeman-Hall & Eoghan Wiles 476
1st Ladies Susan Brown & Susan Harding 346
2nd Ladies Jill Manning & Cerys Manning 286
1st Mixed Catherine Wilson & Steve Wilson 490
2nd Mixed Alistair Thornton & Leah Williams 430
1st Vets Ray Collins & Jonathan Howell 684
1st Vet Ladies Susan Brown & Susan Harding 450
1st Vet Mixed Jonathan Aylward & Kate Boobyer 466
1st Fam Gen Ray Humphreys & Will Humphreys 388

08:00 Day 2 begins. After the blustery night with mixed amounts of sleep the teams lined up for the return leg to the finish. It’s been a race of 2 halves, yesterday the clag suited those with an orienteering background. Today clear skies will favour the quick runners. Good luck to all, we’ll see them at the finish.

OMM50: Saturday Report.


23:10  Results have been updated.

A tough but enjoyable day. The conditions made visiting all the checkpoints difficult. The teams demonstrated their sound mountain judgement, a fundamental requirement of all OMM teams. Those that did not complete their course elected to navigate direct to the overnight camp or event centre.

The teams in good spirits were reflective after a day that required their mountains skills. They’re looking forward to tomorrow.

Below are the placing of the teams at the overnight camp at 23:10. The remaining teams not in this result sheet have elected to either continue on to the finish or have set up camp of the hill.

*Information for spectators Teams may use their sound mountain judgement and elect to set up their tents on the hill.  All the teams are carrying tents, sleeping bags, warm dry kit, stoves, food for a hot dinner. They have everything they need for a very comfortable camp on the hill. Those that make the decision to camp on the hill will set up their tents, have dinner, rest, recharge, have a lie in, eat their breakfast and make their way back to the event centre to be welcomed in the morning.

08:00 Day 1 of the 50th anniversary of the OMM. The very uncharacteristic blue sky & sunshine had broken to give the the competitors more OMM’like conditions. With the cloud base sitting at 500m, drizzle and winds moved in to provide conditions for the competitors to use their navigation skills. After the start the teams stopped to assess their route choices before setting off for a cracking couple of days in the hills.

12:00 The competitors are currently out on the course. The courses close at 20:00. We get the results out as soon as possible after this.

All is going as expected with the event, no issues to report.

*Those of you who have messaged about being unable to reach your partners. This is due to Land Lines being the only phone signal in the course area.

OMM50: Friday Report.

Friday night at the OMM is all about catching up with friends over some good food ahead of the race tomorrow. As the competitors settled in for the night they all appears excited about the what lies ahead ove the next 2 days. First starts are at 08:00

We look forward to what tomorrow brings!

OMM50: Elite Teams – preview


By Nic Barber

2017 OMM Elite course: 85km + 4000m of ascent (direct line distance)

For it’s 50th anniversary race the OMM returns to the Lake District for the first time since the infamous ‘unaccounted for’ Borrowdale 2008. This year Langdale will act as a base from which all the major valleys of the central and western lakes can be reached. 45 teams out of the 1000 make up this years Elite class. The top 3 from Glentrool 2016 will return to compete, along with 42 other teams, for one of the most prestigious titles in off-road running. There will be many stories and challenges overcome by the 2000 OMM competitors across the 7 courses. Here’s a short preview (by no means exhaustive so don’t be offended if I’ve missed anyone!) of teams likely to be troubling the podium come Sunday afternoon. There isn’t really any stand out team this year which should lead to some tough, close, tactical racing.

Duncan Archer (Durham FR/CLOK) and Shane Ohly (Helm Hill).

OMM 2016 – 1st, 2015 – 3rd.

Duncan and Shane return to defend their Elite OMM crown and add further to their 2011 win. During the year Shane has performed well in long fell races as part of a strong Helm Hill team and was part of the winning High Peak Marathon team in March. Duncan has done more orienteering than fell racing, with a 2nd in the V40 category at the Scottish 6 days in the summer highlighting good form – and more importantly navigation! – but has been seen running strongly at Lakeland classics and with a 2nd place at the (curtailed) Mountain Trail in September under his belt.

Nicholas Barber (Pennine FR/SYO) and Jim Mann (Helm Hill).

OMM 2016 – 2nd. 2015 – 2nd.

Both Nicholas and Jim teamed up (with Shane and 2015 OMM winner Adam Perry) to win March’s High Peak Marathon in boggy conditions. Jim managed this off the back of bagging winter records for both the Paddy Buckley and Ramsey rounds in the space of 3 weeks in January and February. He then added on a winter Bob Graham (for which he already holds the record) to complete the set inside a month. He has since gone on to finish 2nd at the Dragon’s back before breaking the 30-year-old Munro 24h record with a new route in Lochnagar and the Cairngorms. Nic started the year with a win in the classic Marsden to Edale race (Trigger variation) in inhospitable conditions, has top-20 results in long English Championship races and last month, in ‘character building’ weather, was leading the Mountain Trial before it was cancelled.

Bjorn Rydvall and Sebastian Ljungdahl (Team Haglofs Silva).

OMM 2016 – 3rd

Last year’s 3rd place belies a few navigational issues the Swedes had in Galloway, a strong run on the second day showing how they could have reached the top of the podium. Bjorn has history at the OMM, winning in the Howgills in 2012. With an OMM together under their belt they will know each other better than last year and will be serious challengers, although with not racing frequently in the UK their form is somewhat unknown.

Ladies & Mixed category…

2016 saw 3 all-female teams and one mixed team compete on the Elite course. This year there is only 1 all-female team and 3 mixed teams

Nicky Spinks and Kirsty Hewitson (both Dark Peak)

Nicky & Kirsty are the only all female team in the Elite Class this year. Nicky who last year completed her double Bob Graham finished the 2016 event 16th overall and 2nd ladies team with teammate Jean Brown. Kirsty Hewitson, twice UTMB and Lakeland 100 finisher joins Nicky this year. Both are good navigators and are a team to watch.

Kim Baxter and Dave Sykes

Former Team GB Orienteer Kim Baxter teams up with Dave Sykes, both Dark Peak runners. They will be competing against Simon Caldwell and Carmen Elphik from York, and the Swedes Kerstin Rosenqvist and Cristoffer Stockman completing the mixed category teams.

More Elite teams in the mix…

Steve Birkinshaw (Borrowdale/WCOC) and Andrew Berry (Durham FR)

7-time OMM Elite winner Steve Birkinshaw returns for his 20th Elite OMM. Whilst Steve has laid out in his book recounting his 2014 Wainwright round record, ‘There is no map in hell’, that he has struggled with recovery from this epic undertaking, he can still race at a high level in long Lakeland races, as his 4th place in this year’s Mountain Trial shows. One thing’s for sure, Steve is the most experienced OMM competitor on the elite start list! He is paired up with Andy Berry, who performs well in ultra races, winning the Lakes Sky Ultra and 10-peaks races this year. In January he also troubled Jim Mann’s winter Bob Graham record, running sub-19 hours.

Tom Gibbs and Neil Talbott (both Ambleside AC)

This strong pairing of local runners will know the ground they are covering well. Neil finished 3rd at the Dragon’s Back in May, backed this up with a win at the ROC mountain marathon in September and is a recent Mountain Trial and Wasdale Fell Race winner (both 2016). Tom is well known as one of the better navigators in fell running and has buckets of experience in Lakeland fell races and adventure races around the world, with a top-20 in the English Champs fell race at Wasdale in July.

Tim Morgan and Alistair Masson (both Edinburgh University OC)

These two youngsters (both 19/20 and originally from the south of England but now living in Edinburgh) won the (old) B class last year, and have taken 2 steps up the ladder this year. Both are good orienteers, with Ali representing GB at the Junior World Orienteering champs this year and being part of the 2nd pace Edinburgh Uni team at the recent British fell relays. Tim was 3rd at the Mountain Trial after a summer in the Alps, though he did injure himself at the Ring of Steall race so current form is unknown.

Tom Fellbaum (Pennine FR) and Peter Bray (Ambleside AC; both MDOC)

Last year’s A-class winners take a step up to the Big race. Both in their mid-20s, they have previously represented Great Britain at Junior World Orienteering Championships. This year Peter has broken onto the fell scene with a top 10 and top 20 result in English Championship fell races and a close second at the Kentmere Horseshoe. Tom ran March’s High Peak Marathon and had good recent runs at Langdale Horseshoe and British Fell Relays showing a few weeks training in Scotland has stood him in good stead.

OMM50: Final Details


Are you ready? We’re ready! The hill team have prepped the 140 checkpoints and are eager to get them set on the course. The event centre team have everything packed and are ready to go. See you at Stool End Farm next week!

Here’s your final details. The event programme has everything you need to know about the event in. Also, if you haven’t done already you can check your start times.

FRIDAY EVENING at the event centre.

15:00 Registration and parking opens

17:00 Hot Food (Pasta party)

18:00 History Room.

Adjoining the main marquee will be a display or memories, maps, letters & reports from the 50 year history.

20:00 „The evolution of the event“ discussion panel.

Claire Maxted from Trail Running Magazine hosts a panel representing all sides of the OMM. They’ll be discussing their favourite memories & challenges and also their thoughts on how the race has evolved over the years. They’ll be answering any questions you might have.

  • Steve Birkenshaw (7 time Elite Winner)
  • Wendy Dodds (47 completed OMM races)
  • Stuart Hamilton (OMM Event Director)
  • Stuart Smith (Mountain Guide & long time competitor)

22:00 Catering closes

23:00 Bar closes

23:00 Registration closes

Kit declaration. Please save yourself time at registration by arriving with a completed kit check and declaration sheet (one per team). You can download the kit declaration form.

Safety.  This is our main concern. Please make sure you have read the ‘Event Safety and Emergencies’ Section in the Event details. This includes how to register for 999 by text which we’d advise you all do as if you have a weak signal a text may get through when a voice call will not. You need to register for this before you want to use it.

Course/Team Amendments. Any team changes/amendments should now be done at registration. We have some availability to change the course you are on but this cannot be guaranteed, any requests to change your course now also need to be done at registration. Head straight to the Team changes desk when you arrive and ensure you give yourself extra time to do this. 

Refunds/deferments of Entry.  Refunds/deferments are no longer available.  Partner dropped out? If you need a replacement team mate or a whole team to replace you at the last minute why not try posting on the 50th OMM competitors page here. You can make the name/details change at registration.

Event Shop/Catering. There will be an event shop for those last minute purchases of forgotten items (including camping gas) or a present to yourself for getting through the weekend and also catering and a bar to fill up from before and after the race. The internet signal is intermittent for card purchases so the best idea is to bring some cash along

Family Generation Team. A family team consists of 2 members who are closely related and from a different generation e.g. father and daughter, grandmother and grandson. If you are in this category please check at registration that we have this recorded.

Bio-Security. Help to protect our freshwaters from the spread of invasive non-native species! Even though this is not a water-based event, believe us there will be plenty of water around (hopefully it will stop raining soon!). Please arrive with clean clothing and trainers and use the wash down point when you return.

See how everyone is training for this years race on Strava.

You can arrange lifts and ask advice in the Competitors Group.

Questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please email See you in Great Langdale!


OMM50: Start List

We’re pleased to announce the start list for the 50th Edition of the Original Mountain Marathon.

It’s been 50 years since Gerry Charnley had the idea to create this great race. When Gerry advertised in the summer edition of Climber Magazine in 1968 for what he called a „2 day Mountain Marathon“ he may not have known what he was starting.  That October a hand full of people turned up at the start line in Muker in 1968. 50 years later over 2000 of us will be gathering at Stool End Farm in Great Langdale to mark the 50th edition.

We’ll be sending out your final details in the next couple of days. This will contain all the information you need ahead of the event including the event programme and kit check forms. Please make yourselves familiar with it all.

In the meantime get out on the fells, get training & see you in a couple of weeks!

If you have any questions please email


See how everyone is training for this years race on Strava.


You can arrange lifts and ask advice in the Competitors Group.