NEW Ava Jacket wins OUTDOOR industry award!

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NEW Ava Jacket WINS OUTDOOR industry Award


OMM products are created from a demand of competitors wanting the lightest equipment possible that can also cope with the harsh Scottish Mountain weather at the end of October. In 1974 the first OMM pack was born. OMMs’ philosophy of unrestricted innovation to achieve the highest performance usable product for the lowest possible weight has evolved to create an expanding range of innovative products. The varied terrain and skills required for the OMM event provides the ideal testing ground and makes OMM products ideal for all Outdoor use.

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Our new OUTDOOR award winning “Ava Jacket” is indicative of our approach to design and performance that’s required for an OMM race. Ava Jacket uses the latest eVent DVStorm fabric to give outstanding weight, durability and breathability in real life conditions. In addition, OMM have re-examined closures with unique solutions at the hem and cuff to improve comfort and performance. Even the pocket linings have been changed to use OMM’s POINTZERO fabric for a weight saving over 50% on mesh. Consumers will be pleased to hear that the Ava will be available mid September 2016! OMM says: “We are grateful to the OUTDOOR judging panel and the industry for recognising the work we have put into the Ava Jacket.”

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With the 50th year anniversary of the Original Mountain Marathon race in 2017 OMM has an exciting future ahead.

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