Last month the OMM hill team went to the 2016 event location in South West Scotland for the week to make final adjustments to the courses for this year. Race Controller, Dave Chapman and Course Planner, Ian Turner lead a team of 10 volunteers who have the enviable task of spending four separate weeks in the hills planning checkpoint locations and assessing route options.

As you are all aware the maps for the OMM are custom made by HARVEY MAPS based on the instructions given to them by Dave and his team. One of the tasks during the planning phase is to check the accuracy of the pre-existing maps and make any necessary adjustments.

Speaking to the hill team, „This year there are will be 120 checkpoints across the 400km2 course area. From initial sighting of a location each checkpoint will be assessed for route options, visibility and how it fits into the course has a whole. This process takes many months and is crucial to ensuring the quality of the courses. After a checkpoint location has been decided each checkpoint will be visited 4 times on 4 separate occasions by 4 different individuals to check the accuracy of each placement.“ We’re all still very jealous he gets to spend so much time on the hills regardless of how difficult a task it sounds.

omm 2016


We pride ourselves on how we work with the local community, having been in regular meetings with those involved and who are looking forward to the event arriving in October. We’re currently preparing a list of local places to stay which will be available shortly.


The community is a huge part of of the OMM ethos. We’ve been talking with the land owners and community members for this years‘ event since last March 2015 and very grateful for the support they have given to this years event. A special mention goes out to the Forestry Commission who were delighted to hear the OMM is back and have been incredibly helpful in the planning of this years event.


The courses have are now finalised, signed off, and the plans for a very typically OMM style event centre are being worked on as we speak. We hope your training is going well and we’ll have an exciting announcement for you next week.

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