OMM50: Saturday Report.


23:10  Results have been updated.

A tough but enjoyable day. The conditions made visiting all the checkpoints difficult. The teams demonstrated their sound mountain judgement, a fundamental requirement of all OMM teams. Those that did not complete their course elected to navigate direct to the overnight camp or event centre.

The teams in good spirits were reflective after a day that required their mountains skills. They’re looking forward to tomorrow.

Below are the placing of the teams at the overnight camp at 23:10. The remaining teams not in this result sheet have elected to either continue on to the finish or have set up camp of the hill.

*Information for spectators Teams may use their sound mountain judgement and elect to set up their tents on the hill.  All the teams are carrying tents, sleeping bags, warm dry kit, stoves, food for a hot dinner. They have everything they need for a very comfortable camp on the hill. Those that make the decision to camp on the hill will set up their tents, have dinner, rest, recharge, have a lie in, eat their breakfast and make their way back to the event centre to be welcomed in the morning.

08:00 Day 1 of the 50th anniversary of the OMM. The very uncharacteristic blue sky & sunshine had broken to give the the competitors more OMM’like conditions. With the cloud base sitting at 500m, drizzle and winds moved in to provide conditions for the competitors to use their navigation skills. After the start the teams stopped to assess their route choices before setting off for a cracking couple of days in the hills.

12:00 The competitors are currently out on the course. The courses close at 20:00. We get the results out as soon as possible after this.

All is going as expected with the event, no issues to report.

*Those of you who have messaged about being unable to reach your partners. This is due to Land Lines being the only phone signal in the course area.