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All the images from the weekend are in the folder below and are free for you to use. Please share them and tag us in your image.

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[mk_padding_divider size=“20″][mk_toggle style=“fancy“ title=“EVENT DIRECTORS REPORT“]OMM Lite and Bike North Yorkshire September 2016 – Event Directors Report

Going from the glorious sunshine on the North York Moors back to my desk is always a time for contemplation! It was lovely to see familiar faces over the weekend and humbling to see so many new ones coming to join us, sharing in the event.

My aim for the Bike and Lite events is to provide an event that offers good competition and a challenge to those of you with experience whilst at the same time offering a friendly and informal platform for those with little or no experience to come and learn more. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve so please let us know if you have any ideas.

Once again Steve Willis did a fantastic job of putting together some interesting navigational challenges across a beautiful part of North Yorkshire. Steve has ridden and walked all of the trails prior to the event, spoken with all of the land owners, tenants and various organisations responsible for the management of the area to ensure that we have the permission and support of all to allow us to put the event on. This takes a huge amount of time, dedication and considerable sweat, without which we could not have enjoyed the weekend we just have.

The event was supported by 10 volunteers, many of whom took holiday on Friday to come and get everything ready. From putting up the marquees, parking, marshalling, putting controls out and servicing toilets amongst many others, the cheerful and willing way in which they go about their business to ensure that everything is looked after continues to amaze me. It is a real privilege to have such a selfless group of people to work with. Although she won’t thank me for this, special thanks goes to Marilyn who had just returned from Mexico to help out.

All our events are run on a not for profit basis which is incredibly important to me as I feel it is a crucial part of the atmosphere we enjoyed over the weekend, without the willing help offered by so many this would not remain so. If you would like to help on any of the events please just let us know.

Event catering is not an easy thing to do well, especially when you are working from a field. Diane, Sam and the team from Cole Catering did a great job and I for one, enjoyed the food over the weekend – the chicken curry on Friday was good, the braised steak on Sunday even better and the friendliness of their team only added to the event.

Having the beer and cider at the event HQ brewed less than 200m from where we set up the marquees was a great touch, thank you to Phil, Carl, Nadine and team who made sure we were never thirsty during the weekend.

The final thank you goes out to everyone who joined us for the weekend, competing or not. Thank you for respecting the rights of way and other users of these in the area. There was one instance when on Sunday morning a local resident asked the occupants of a campervan to turn down their music at 0800 – not unreasonable and it seemed to take over 5 minutes for them to find their volume button. For that 0.3% of people out there please don’t be so ignorant in the future.

There was some cracking competition on both the Bike and Lite courses with a hugely impressive performance by Mark McPhillips collecting all but one control on Saturday finishing the weekend with 1786 points on the Bike Long Score. On the Lite Theo Highland and Rajiv Ratan followed in the footsteps of winners earlier this year by taking the top spot with 972 points on their first ever event of this kind, despite some serious competition. Richard Thompson bagged himself first place on the

Bike Wild course with 1590 points and the unwelcome attention of a few midges at the overnight campsite! Whilst it is important to recognise the achievements of those in the running for prizes, well done to all those who competed for the first time, submitting yourself to the challenges (and satisfaction) of planning your routes and finding the checkpoints whilst returning to the HQ as close to time as possible. Hopefully you got a chance to see some of the wonderful views, got to know your teammate better and had fun.

We have made donations to the Forestry Commission, Trails Maintenance Fund and the Mountain Rescue in the area to say thank you for their support of the event, without whom it would not happen.

Friends and family are always welcome for the weekend even if they are not competing and it was great to see some of you there over the weekend.

Stuart Hamilton

OMM Events Director[/mk_toggle][mk_toggle style=“fancy“ title=“COURSE PLANNERS REPORT“ icon=““ el_class=““]I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of my rides checking all of the bridleways and controls this summer but the weather and track conditions at the weekend couldn’t have been any better.  The bridleways across Levisham Moor and Glaisdale Moor are 2 of my favourites in England.  I hoped that I had made the optimum route long enough so that no riders would be able to clear up on either day. Mark McPihilps tried his hardest and only left out one control on Saturday but he left a few more out there on Sunday.  I placed all of the controls on routes that could be reached by bike but hopefully gave the runners plenty of opportunities to use public footpaths as short cuts. Thanks to Karen & Richard Clark for checking out many of these. The favourable comments from many Bike & Lite competitors suggest that I succeeded.

Thanks to North Yorkshire Moors National Park, Forestry Commission and the Countryside Landowners Association who were happy for the event to go ahead. We will be making donations to them and the Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team who would have been there if we had needed them. Thanks also to the gamekeepers who were happy for us to use many of the private tracks across their grouse moors.

It was great to see 130 riders competing at the same time and using the same controls as 170 runners as well as no litter or open gates when we collected them in. It’s a pity that only 8 riders made it to the Wild Camp so we will need to consider whether to continue with this course next year or open it up to runners!!

Thanks to Jens Strain and Harveys for 2 excellent maps. I’m sorry that there were 3 corrections but we only got permission to use the permissive bridleway through RAF Fylingdales, the track though Low Staindale and the track  near Lastingham after the map had gone to the printers. Thanks also to John Rawden, Ray Morriss, Dave Lloyd, John Dixon, Michael Brough, Zoe Cowgill, Steve Kendall, Sheila Pearce and Lynn Lloyd for helping me put out and collect in the controls, the OMM team for their hard work organising the excellent event HQ and Phil Lee and his staff at the New Inn.

Sion James is planning the Spring event so I won’t get my monthly rides around the Derbyshire Dales this winter but I will look forward to competing in the Brecon Beacons. However, I will be planning the September event in Wensleydale so I can check out the bridleways closer to home this summer.


Hope to see you again next year or at a NYMBO event soon


Steve Willis

Course Planner[/mk_toggle]

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16:08 Sun 18th: Well done to all competitors!! A fantastic achievement by everyone. We’ve had a great time and loved watching all the competitors coming across the finish line with big smiles. An special well done for all the winners. The overall course winners were:

LITE Long Score: Theo Highland/Rajiv Ratan, 972 points in 12:43:30hrs

LITE Short Score: Miles and Julian Winter,  713 points in 09:38:10hrs

BIKE Long Score: Mark Mcphillips, 1786 points in 12:00:20hrs

BIKE Short Score: David Cowgill, 1213 points in 08:56:21hrs

BIKE Wild Camp: Richard Thompson, 1590 points in 11:59:36 hrs

You can see all the results in the links above…

Well done again to all the competitors from everyone at OMM. WE look forward to seeing you at our next LITE & BIKE event in the Brecon Beacons in April, entries open shortly.



12:34 Sun 18th: The North Yorkshire moors are looking stunning today, not a cloud in the Sky. A great day to be out running or riding! We caught up with a few teams at the Ana Cross on the top of the moor. Jessica & Heather Hughes came past looking determined and looking to take top spot of the Long Score.

dsc_0069 dsc_0101

08:27 Sun 18th:Morning from Pickering and day 2 of the OMM LITE & BIKE North Yorkshire. The sun is out and blue skies overhead for another day on the North Yorkshire trails. It was an early night for most last night with most competitors resting some tired legs. Today the competitors will head West leaving the forests and onto the open moors. Looking at the map there are some tough climbs today and long descents which the bikes will enjoy. Competitors are heading to the start now, good luck all!! More pictures in the folder..



20:12 Sat 17th: Well done to all competitors for completing day 1. After a cloudy start the sun came out and blue skies followed the competitors for the rest of the day. On the BIKE Long Score only 4 points separate Mark Mcphillips and Phil Upton. Theo Highland and Rajiv Ratan head into Day 2 on the LITE Long Score with a clear lead over the rest of the class. Competitors are currently relaxing in the marquee, the music is on and the bar/catering is open. We look forward to some close racing tomorrow, you can view all results here…


16:45 Sat 17th: Competitors are down to their last minutes to get back to the finish in their allocated time. Some have judge their routes well and have a relaxed jog to the finish and a well deserved drink. Others have a slightly more rushed finish, trying to avoid the 2 point penalty for every minute they’re over the limit.

The current leader on the courses are:

LITE Long Score: Fiona + Heather Hughes

LITE Short Score: Miles + Julian Winter

BIKE Long Score: David Cowgill

BIKE Short Score: Phil Collings

BIKE Wild Camp: Results to come

Not all teams are in yet, we will have a complete set of results for you shortly. New images added to image folder…


13.45am Sat 17th: The competitors are out on the course following their chosen routes. Speaking to the teams there is some different approaches being taken, some are planning very serious routes taking in big miles others definitely have a few pubs on their hit list. We met up with a few team at checkpoint 30, the water splash was a nice colling off point in the 25 degree heat.

Most teams have 1-2 hours left to get as many checkpoints as they can before dibbing at the finish, we look forward to the first few finishers anytime now.


08.10am Sat 17th: All the competitors started planning their routes for the day. Todays checkpoints were placed to the east of the competition area taking the competitors into the North Yorkshire forests and trails through farmland.dsc_0015

22.11pm Fri 16th: This weekend is the last OMM LITE of the 2016 event calendar. We’re at the Cropton Brewery for the North Yorkshire event, the competitors arrived through Friday evening enjoying a few drinks in the marquee and checking out the map ahead of their start tomorrow.

The weather looks promising for the weekend and with a course covering some stunning areas of the North Yorkshire Moors the competitors are in for some great running and riding. We look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings….


16:32pm Fri 16th: We have arrived at the Cropton Brewery near Pickering. We’re looking forward to the last OMM LITE of the 2016 race calendar. With 350 competitors about to arrive the sun is making it’s way over from Lancashire and promises to be here for the start tomorrow morning.

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