Run’spiration: DanKeeley

Run’spiration: Dan Keeley

Everyone likes an A to B run, you get dropped off and make your way home. This summer Dan Keeley took this to epic levels. Starting at the Colosseum in Rome Dan spent 65 days running the 1250 miles home to London. You can watch the highlights from his trip in the video. It looks epic and a trip like this has got to go on everyones bucket list.

A huge congratulations to Dan from everyone at OMM for his incredible achievement and also for raising £15,000 CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) and £2000 for Snow-Camp.

You can read more about Dan and the epic route he took on his blog site here.

If you have an adventure of challenge planned for 2018 let us know!


Dan’s pack setup was:


Trio Map pouch

2 x GoPod

550g Classic 32 – The benchmark for pack design, simple, effective, reliable.

Used around the world for mountain marathons, extreme races, ultra’s, biking, hiking, skiing and many other activities – including ascents to the summit of Everest! The simple, effective design offering extensive mesh external carry has never been bettered and is the standard by which all others are benchmarked. Find out more….