Stay warm this winter with our new insulation

Primaloft GOLD® when lightweight is critical

running insulation

NEW for winter 2015! We are pleased to present our NEW insulation range. We have created 2 new products to complement the existing Rotor Smock, the Mountain Raid provides a higher level of insulation and Rotor Vest provides a lighter alternative.

All 3 products use the highest quality Primaloft GOLD® combined with PointZero windproof shell. This provides incredible warmth and is exceptionally windproof whether you’re in the desert or on a wet and windy moor.

Pack weight and size is a consideration for all of us who love the outdoors and the new range provides you with options depending on your requirements, activity and location.

Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

omm mountain raid

NEW for winter 2015 the Mountain Raid is the ultimate insulation layer for cold and damp conditions. Perfect for when you’re sitting around the camp and the cold sets in. At only 390g the Mountain Raid balances warmth with pack weight and size for a truly versatile jacket. The PointZero® fabric provides a windproof layer and Primaloft retains its‘ warmth when wet. The 100g fill provides the highest insulation in the OMM range. As an additional feature for those of you who demand the lightest multi-day pack we have created a half sleeping bag to connect to the Mountain Raid. This provides an alternative to a full sleeping bag and insulating layer to reduce your pack weight further. Find out more about the Mountain Raid jacket…..



omm rotor vest

NEW for winter 2015 is the Rotor Vest. At 135g it’s the lightest Primaloft GOLD® insulation on the market. So light and compact that it will barely be noticed when worn or in your pack. Ideal as a functional layer or warm insulating piece to be added when you get to camp.

The Rotor Vest reverses into a stuff pocket in the chest reducing pack size further when on the move. Available in 4 colour options the Rotor Vest is a truely functional piece and suited to any activity. Find out more about the Rotor Vest….

  • Windproof and insulates even if wet
  • Loose laid outer shell
  • Primaloft® GOLD – 40g
  • Primaloft® Luxe loose fill collar baffle to create an effective seal
  • YKK chest zips increase ventilation and pocket access
  • Chest pocket reverses to create a stuff sack
  • Drawcord hem
  • Colours Black, Blue, Grey, Purple
  • Fabric PointZero® / Primaloft Gold®
  • Full Weight 135g
  • Sizes XS/ S / M / L/XL
omm rotor smock

The Rotor Smock is a classic OMM product; versatile, durable and warm when wet. At only 260g the Rotor Smock provides incredible warmth from it’s Primaloft GOLD® fill combined with the PointZero fabric and you get an unmatched warm and windproof layer.

Particularly suited to cold/damp conditions it’s quick drying and stays warm when wet. The Rotor Smock is amazingly versatile and is quite happy in the desert or at the bottom of a crag. Find out more about the Rotor Smock…..


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